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Let's dive in and tell you a little more about us and why.

So its that same old question (for most) that regularly comes up... "how do I spend my crypto?"

We're here to play a part with that, by being the answer! We're a group of former colleagues, friends and crypto enthusiasts whom have been in the space for a number of years. The team (although being anon) brings a vast ammount of expereince to the table with regards to planning, marketing, development, engineering & operations. Some of our team members are known to work large multi national corporations and others working heavily on Ingenico products (which is a great advantage to us).

So with that said this is Neek, we're a new DeFi platform aimed at bringing you banking services (whilst not being a bank). Let's break that down for you:-

  • Use your tokens just like you would fiat.

    We will develop a very smart token holding contract which enables fiat instant payments anywhere accepting Visa and banking just like with fiat ($ / £ / €).

  • Securely save your keys, as you're the bank!

    What we mean by this is that we cannot control any funds within any account (but our own), so only you can access it whilst logged into your wallet such as MetaMask or TrustWallet.

More detailed information can be found in the Whitepaper. Just keep scrolling.


Participate For The Future

We're holding two totally public presales for our token $NEEK, once this is over we will list the token for 0.000150 ETH and see where it takes us.


This is how we plan to us Presale funds

We've broken this down to easy sections so you can see how we intend to spend.

Token Details

Token Name & Ticker


Token Distribution

Total Supply
Soft Cap
Hard Cap

1] Public-sale 1
2] Public-sale 2
3] DEX Liquidity
4] Liquidity Mining Pool
5] Future Growth
6] Marketing & Partnerships
7] Company Reserve
8] Team & Advisors

100,000,000 NEEK
1500 ETH
3300 ETH

15,000,000 NEEK
15,000,000 NEEK
3,000,000 NEEK
12,000,000 NEEK
15,000,000 NEEK
10,000,000 NEEK
10,000,000 NEEK
20,000,000 NEEK


Check our planned Products

We aim to keep things simple in the crypto space, so these are our core services we hope to offer in the near future.


The serving power house for a smooth transaction between crypto and fiat aswell as account / card control.


We're like a bank but not a bank, you'll receive your digital account details instantly.


This is quite a rewarding debit card on offer for neeks. Easily earn top cashback >6% by spending, its easy.


Check our Pricing strategy

This is a quick summary of the potential costs vs benefits of our cards.
More information can be found in the Whitepaper

Card 1


  • Get this by holding
    125,000 NEEK
  • Spend Reward 1%
  • Vote Rights
  • Bonus Interest
  • VIP Support

Card 2


  • Get this by holding
    250,000 NEEK
  • Spend Reward 2%
  • Vote Rights
  • Bonus Interest
  • VIP Support

Card 3


  • Get this by holding
    500,000 NEEK
  • Spend Reward 4%
  • Vote Rights
  • Bonus Interest
  • VIP Support
Best Card

Card 4


  • Get this by holding
    1,000,000 NEEK
  • Spend Reward 6%
  • Vote Rights
  • Bonus Interest
  • VIP Support


Expansion Plans = Growth

Who we'll be using to support NEEK


Let's Answer Some Questions

Have questions about NEEK? We've got all the answers you need.

  • The NEEK idea was born from a multitude of ideas; Ethereum Defi space, crazy gains and that same question, how do I spend it?. So we've created the $NEEK token in order to fund our endevors and bring to market this avenue of spend.

  • There will be 100 million NEEKs created from the offset, 30 million of which will be sold via a public sale at variable rates.

  • We will allocate 450 ETH and 3 million NEEK for liquidity assuming max raise, this will also be locked for 1 year with UniCrypt.

  • We are still contemplating it, as this is the bread and butter of what we do we're going to think hard about it.

  • We are a group of friends and crypto enthusiasts whom have been in the space for a number of years and decided to put some of our ideas into action!

  • We have some really cool projects planned of varying complexitites. Without giving too much away, let's just say we are barely getting started.